Saturday, November 30, 2013


I am not doing any handwork at all until we figure out what is wrong with my elbow and get some treatment.  This is very hard but thought I would drop by and show some of the orchids I have.

Harv and I were out yesterday buying a new tree to replace one that has died.  On the way home I saw the orchid gal sitting in her car with orchids out on a table in an empty lot.  We stopped and I found this darling little one planted in a shell.  Holes had been drilled for the wire and drainage in the shell.  I fell in love with it so it came home with me.  Great idea for any small plant.

All the orchids in here were saved from last summer and have all been flowering since I came back, plus one in the back is starting a new flower stem with buds.

The gal was also selling large stems that have been cut off the original plants.  I think if they are not sold the growers do this to encourage the new growth.  They were only $1.00 a stem so I bought 5.  They will last for a few weeks if you change the water and snip off the stems every once in  while
You can see I am reading Scott Turow's new thriller.

Obviously not an orchid.
I don't know what you call this one but it has two of the large leaves growing out one on each side and a small purple flower comes out of each ridge in the leaf.  One at a time.  This survived the outside this summer also.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

You obviously have a green thumb when it comes to orchids! I am nursing a baby one (really small flower) in hopes it will decide to live and reflower. The instructions that came with it said to give it an ice cube once a week for the water requirements. I was a bit skeptical, but so far it's living so perhaps there's something to it.

Createology said...

So sorry your arm is still hurting. You really have green thumbs for plants. Beautiful orchids. I think the last photo is a bromeliad blossom. I hope your arm gets fixed soon so you can enjoy your stitching. However reading is a good thing too. Healing Energy...

Maggi said...

I'm glad that you are keeping yourself occupied until the arm is sorted. The orchids are beautiful.