Monday, August 19, 2013


First let me apologize to all the people who have come to my blog and would have left a comment except for the fact that I had the notification on my blog.  I did not know this as I never leave a comment - haha.  I just found out today when my friend Deb told me I had this on my own blog after I complained to her about what a bad time I had trying to leave comments and I hated it.

She also told me how to delete it which I did immediately. Sorry about that and now you may leave a comment if you so wish.

Harv and I celebrated our 54th wedding anniversery on Thurs.  We met with 2 couples, good friends for lunch and they treated us which was unexpected but very nice of them.

Sunday we had the large family birthday party for Harv. my grandson Kyle and Sue's SIL Lisa.

Here are some pics of the occasions.

Costco makes my favorite cake with the cream cheese filling in the middle.  This huge cake for less then 20.00.  I bought some home and Harv and I will have a piece when I finish this.

Kyle celebrated his 18th birthday July 26th. but he was away volunteering at a camp for handicapped adults.  It was for 1 week for his group and he said it was eye opening but also enjoyable.  The following week he had 4 wisdom teeth out then the next week Sue had her foot surgery - hence his party mid Aug.  He is wearing his shirt from the camp.

Here is Sue with the scooter she bought to use after foot surgery.  She has another week before she can put her foot to the floor.  She told me today that she really enjoyed this party as she did not have to work at it.  Everyone else did the work and she enjoyed the luxury.

Here is our usual gaggle of boys.  I will own up to 4 of them with the 5th. already down at Bradley University for his junior year. I must admit they are all a very good group of boys. Kyle is sitting in Grandpas old wheelchair which we lent Sue for her foot surgery.

Here is our only girl Jenny with her beautiful Mother Jeana.  She has grown up birthday partying with all of the boys.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

54 years - congratulations to you both! Looks like a fun party and that cake does look good. Never tried a Costco cake but will have to after you saying it's good.

karen said...

Happy Anniversary amazing achievement!!

Maggi said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. What lovely family photos.