Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Saturday I went to Renningers flea market and hit the mother lode of bargains. When I first arrived I walked down one of the rows and they were selling all kinds of stuff but not my kind and then I looked down and there was this huge container full of linens, fabrics, etc. It said $20.00 Lot. I started to look thru it and started to think this is going to be great. I casually asked her if she would take $15.00 and she said sure right off. I asked her to hold it for me and I would come back.
Well I went on looking and then saw a Lloyd Flanders indoor/outdoor white wicker chair. I stopped and looked and thought that is LF and I think matches my 2 rocking chairs which I paid a horrible price for but 12 years or so later they still look great. The man said I think she wants to get rid of it and only wants 10-20$. Well "she" came out of the van and said 10.00. I grabbed it and took it right back to my van. Sunday I took a spray bottle of 2/3 water and 1/3 bleach and took it outside and sprayed it. The dirt just rolled off and then I hosed it down. Today Harv gave the legs a coat of paint and it looks like new. It is part of the same set my rockers came from.

Back to the bin - when it was time to leave I went to where I thought I had bought the stuff and couldn't find it. I was in a panic and then thought just go aisle by aisle until you see something familiar. Well I did recognize another large bin like the other with padlocks on the end and asked the older man if I had left something there with a lady. He yelled down to Deborah a couple of tents down and she said yes it is here. I told her I did not want the bin and she said well you don't get that anyway. She had stuffed it all into 3 large white plastic bags. I went home, made lunch then took over the table in the sunroom. I started pulling stuff out and laying it in piles, lace doiles, scarves, fabric (3 yards of gold dupioni) and a wedding dress. It as very pale yellow (not yellowed) and covered in a gorgeous lace over the skirt and front and back. 50 covered buttons going down the back of the dress. It was the fabric, and interlining and lining. I could not believe this.

Since Sat. I have been washing, bleaching, bizing, ironing, etc and picking lace from the dress. It looked easy until I started and then I found it had been machined on all over the top of the lace pieces so it is slow going. Will show you the lace when I get it all off. Also all the other stuff in the next post.


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I'm gasping here after looking at your finds - what treasures and bargains!!!

no doubt they will come to light in your lovely creations at some time Freda!


Maggi said...

What amazing finds. The chair certainly does look like new, and that wedding dress, unbelievable.

Pat Winter said...

Yeah! It sounds like you found some really neat stash. You will be busy but having lots of fun sorting and discovering ways to use your new found treasure. So happy for you. Love to discover the finds that make the heart skip a beat :-)

MosaicMagpie said...

There is nothing more fun than digging through a pile of linens. What wonderful things you found and the price! Watch out some one may arrest you for stealing! LOL Great deal for you and the sellers where glad to be rid of it! It is good for everyone.

Suztats said...

What wonderful finds! Looking forward to seeing all the goodies from the bin.

Gina E. said...

'Absolutely Fabulous'....and I'm not referring to a t.v. show! I love the chair too.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

ooooh - lucky you! Used to be able to pick up wedding dresses in the thrift shops here for under $ you're lucky to get one for under a hundred (and most are way more than that).