Wednesday, April 13, 2011


When I first heard that Allie was doing a book on cq I did not know that it would go on Amazon as immediately as it did. Sometimes you have to buy through small publishers,etc. but not this one. It is a star in itself. I ordered it right away and am so happy I have it. I took it with me and thought well I will have Allie sign it and then I thought well there are 4 more gals here who have their quilts or other items in her book. I followed them around one night like a groupie (at my age yet)and did get signatures from all 5. I still have to run down Debra Spincic and Barbara Curiel and then it will be complete. Where are you girls?

Allie's book is a wonderful book for all levels of cqers. It has as much for the experienced stitcher to learn as the beginner. I have not done a curved edge block yet and will try one one of these days. When I get all my projects caught up and finish things I started at the retreat. Will this ever happen? When you see Susan Elliott's Queen make sure you read the caption with it and you will see just how much time Susan did researching this and how well she did all the decorations. I just wish she had brought it with her for us to see at the retreat.

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