Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday morning is my flea market morning. Here in Florida we are fortunate to live just about a mile down the road from Renninger's flea market. I go there after reading the Sunday paper and usually making a large Sunday breakfast for hubby and I. Sometimes I find great buys and other times just wander around and alays visit the farmer's market for fresh fruits and vegs. at about half the price of our supermarkets. Our prices for food are as bad in Fl. as they are in Chicago and sometimes even worse. Grapefruit over $1.00 each and at the fleamarket 4/$1.00. I eat a half every morning while Harv is the juice guy.

Today I found a white wicker end table that will go nicely between my 2 white wicker rockers. We were fortunate to be able to store all our lanaii furniture in a neighbour's garage while our room was being built as he is not coming down until Jan. I owe him a big favor.

I also bought another set of storage drawers on wheels - 4 small and 3 large for only 7.00 plus a bag of various beads, sequins, thread, a ton of stuff for 3.00. Also bought a beautiful 2 strand vintage necklace from a gal that runs a vintage clothing stand for 8.00. That is my kind of shopping. Will get the camera out and take pics one of these days. Getting this far right now is an accomplishment.

I have been stitching a bit in the evenings on a Christmas stocking that was a kit from Vickie Brown in 2003. I am a little slow it seems. It is turning out nicely and I think will become an auction item either for Questers or for Women for Hospice. Both good causes.

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